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Medical tourism

Medical tourism

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Medical tourism

Medical tourism – All information in one place

Not all tourists who come to Israel do so to relax in the country. For tourists from around the world, Israel is considered a leading tourist destination. But some cross the borders of our country for completely different reasons, the existence of which you may not have suspected. Tens of thousands of tourists come to Israel to receive certain medical treatment. Medical tourism is very popular in Israel precisely because of the quality of medicine. It can be said with certainty that the quality of medicine in Israel is the first pl in the world for various reasons. So there are tourists who don’t want to compromise on the treatment and therefore come to Israel. 

What is medical tourism??

You don’t need to be a certified medical professional to understand the meaning of medical tourism. It’s important to note that medical tourism exists not only in Israel but in all developed world countries. The question is about the situations when foreign citizens come to a country that is not theirs to undergo a medical procedure. This may be a one-time medical procedure or an ongoing medical procedure that leads to long-term treatment. At the same time, it’s important to say that there are also Israeli citizens who travel to other countries for medical treatment. This is another reason why cooperation between countries is a very important issue. Thus, citizens can move freely from country to country to receive first-class medical care. 

Who is medical tourism for?

Medical tourism is designed for all those people who don’t receive appropriate treatment in their own country. Each hospital has its specialization, and there are some of the world’s leading hospitals in various fields in Israel. For this reason, citizens of other countries come to Israel to receive the ideal treatment. They want to know that they are doing whatever is necessary to solve their health problem. Of course, medical tourism is not for everyone due to the financial costs it brings with it. Financial costs that not all people, especially from countries with little potential, can handle. But if there is one thing that cannot be endangered, it’s the health of each of us. 

Why Israel is a leader in the field of medical tourism?

You don’t have to be an expert to answer this question. Many reasons make Israel a leading country in medical tourism.

  • The cost of treatment in Europe or the USA is very expensive. Many citizens of these countries do not have health insurance there. Therefore, no matter how absurd it may sound, the cost of treatment in Israel is cheaper. All this taking into account the flight and all related costs.
  • Medical tourism is popular in Israel due to its prestige in the world. Israel is known as one of the countries with the highest quality hospitals. It’s for this reason many people from other countries come to Israel to receive high-quality help.
  • Much of the equipment found in Israeli hospitals is the result of Israeli developments. So some understand that only in Israel they will be able to receive treatment with the help of advanced equipment. The equipment is an integral part of the treatment success and must be taken into account.
  • Israel offers its and foreign citizens medical services in all areas. Treatment medicine, to be effective, must cover different and diverse areas. Foreign citizens know that they can receive a full package of services for any health problem in Israel.
  • Doctors in Israel are among the world’s leading doctors and are often called to help in foreign countries. The option of treatment in Israel, with its first-class doctors, is chosen by those who don’t want to compromise about the quality of the treatment they will receive. 


Why not do the whole procedure yourself?

Some people treat the possibility of medical tourism as a vacation. But medical tourism requires taking into account various parameters that no one knows about. Therefore, doing the whole procedure yourself is a risk that will cost you dearly. In reality, you may suddenly find that you forgot to solve any issue. And any small issue that isn’t finally resolved can lead to the treatment cancellation. Israel gladly accepts tourists to provide them with medical treatment. But the laws and requirements regarding medical issues in the country are very strict and single-valued.

Accompaniment by a company specializing in medical tourism

In the cases of medical tourism, there is no place for error. We strongly recommend that you apply to a company that is familiar with the world of medical tourism in its entirety. She is familiar with the management of all hospitals in Israel and the specialization of each hospital. This company will accompany the patient from the first moment until his return to his country. While during all this time he will receive high-quality medical care, which has to help him cope with his health problem. As long as a professional company handles this issue, you have nothing to worry about. It will allow you to come to Israel to receive professional treatment and return to the country you came from.

Emergency services are available to you 24 hours a day and accessible countrywide

Meda-Ly provides emergency services to the customer’s home, 24 hours a day, every day of the year (7 days a week). All our staff does repeated training in order to provide you with the best, fastest and most reliable service.