What is the purpose of a private ambulance with “lifting into and out of” service?

The purpose of private ambulances offering a “lifting into and out of” service is to transport people who are unable to move independently for any reason. If a person uses any type of assistance to move from place to place, whether it be a wheelchair, wheelchair lift, crutches, or even the assistance of another person, they may need a “lifting into and out of” service to get on and off the vehicle. So, when he orders a private ambulance, the ambulance with the “lifting into and out of” service will be accessible for a wheelchair and for people who wish to be lying during the trip.

Of course, a person can be picked up and put into the car. But how is such an experience is taken by this person? Is he satisfied with it? Wouldn’t he prefer to act more independently? It’s for this reason, and following the situation, that the “lifting into and out of” service was created. Not only to make the person feel more comfortable on the trip but also because he will be able to control his movement while on the lifting surface of a private ambulance. And also, to make it easier for the medical staff in private ambulances to help a person get up and down the vehicle. Why should this person have a reason to get up or down from the private ambulance? Why would he order the private ambulance for this? This is the topic of this article.

What can be obtained with a private ambulance with “lifting into and out of” service?

Suppose there is a certain event that a person wants to visit. This may be an elderly person or even a person who isn’t responsible for his physical actions and receives outside help in this. Maybe he can’t walk, dress and eat on his own. But he’s still interested in visiting the outside world for a bit. Be it events, weddings, family meetings, or even visits to therapeutic institutions. Instead of calling a family member or any specialist, he can order a private ambulance. Why should he do it? Because in addition to receiving the “lifting into and out of” service as part of his transportation on the private ambulance, he will also have an opportunity to use support and medical supervision services until the end of the trip.

You ask, aren’t ambulances designed to evacuate the sick and injured to emergency units and various hospitals only in emergency cases? Well, some ambulances are designed for that. If someone is injured and wants to evacuate from the accident place, he can certainly call Magen David Adom and report about it. But in the absence of a clear emergency, it may be better not to call there exactly. So, what can be done in this case? Private ambulance companies allow their customers to order a private ambulance even in normal, non-emergency situations. Such a car can be ordered by prior arrangement to receive support and/or medical supervision on the way to medical institutions and events, and even for supervision and readiness to provide medical assistance during the events themselves. And when the ambulance service offers “lifting into and out of” services, even people in wheelchairs get convenient automatic access to the inside of the car.

A private ambulance with “lifting into and out of” service and by the standards of the Ministry of Health

For example, if an elderly person or a person who doesn’t move without assistance and/or a wheelchair wants to attend a family event, he or she can call a company that provides a private ambulance. Isn’t it too much for him? Wouldn’t it be better for him to use the services of a “regular” transportation company? The company that offers the “lifting into and out of” service anyway? Well, this is quite possible. But because the private ambulance company must obtain permission to operate from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport, in addition to the trip itself, it also offers medical services.

For this reason, and according to this permission, such a company will meet the standards set by the Ministry of Health for the operation of private ambulances. And the ministries mentioned above will indeed check and visit these companies from time to time to make sure that their work meets the assigned criteria. They will check both the presence of professional medical staff who have been trained and ready for the “fight” and the availability of medical equipment items, the purpose of which is to solve any medical problem. So, if a person is hoping to receive medical assistance on the way somewhere or while staying somewhere, it may be an appropriate choice to call and arrange a private ambulance to arrive. And if he needs assistance and support getting in and out of the car, a “lifting into and out of” service can help.

What are private ambulances with “lifting into and out of” services?

So, everything said earlier can be summarized in several points:

  • Private ambulances may be available for people who want to receive and request assistance in transporting from place to place.
  • Ambulances with the “lifting into and out of” service can help people moving in a wheelchair and/or with some outside help.
  • The “lifting into and out of” service can help people feel that they are receiving mechanical rather than human assistance, and they may well prefer this type of assistance.
  • The “lifting into and out of” service can make it easier for the medical staff in a private ambulance.
  • Private ambulance companies must operate under the regulations of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Health, and therefore must meet the standards of the number of employees present in the ambulance, their training, and the stock of medical equipment available for medical assistance in the ambulance.
  • Private ambulances will provide support, medical supervision, and assistance to their passengers.
  • A private ambulance can be ordered not only in emergencies but also for the prearranged escort of people on the way to any places or events. You can call a private ambulance company and arrange arrival and return date in advance.
  • A private ambulance company can provide ambulances with “lifting into and out of” services to escort people to the actual event in such a way that the ambulance remains in the surrounding territory, on standby, and can provide medical assistance as desired and needed. That is, instead of leaving after being delivered to the destination, the ambulance staff will remain in the place and will monitor what is happening. These types of services can be useful for people who want to be sure they have medical support even when they are going to meet friends, family, colleagues, etc.


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