Meda-Ly is a company that provides emergency health care in the house for all ages, adults and young people, for both private and business clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Meda-Ly has extensive experience in saving lives and maintaining the health of many people in Israel.

Meda-Ly has a medical center that is available 24 hours a day and also operates all weekdays. The center staff is attentive to every patient and provides professional and quality service. The doctors’ team who come to our clients’ house is equipped with the most advanced equipment required according to a given situation. The equipment includes the following components:

  • Medications for first aid and further treatment
  • All-incluseive inhalation equipment package
  • ECG and blood pressure test accessories
  • Equipment for testing sugar and urine on the spot for a quick, efficient and high-quality diagnosis

One of the great benefits is avoiding wasting precious time in traffic jams, no need for exhausting waiting in a hospital emergency room, and above all – no need to leave the house. During the coronavirus period, this issue becomes even more relevant, as many people prefer to avoid participating in crowded places, especially since the hospital is a place where there are many sick people.

The danger of infection leads to a preference for personalized private service.

Our doctors are available to visit the client’s house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Meda-Ly offers a day-and-night and wide range of professional emergency medicine:

תיירות מרפא

Ordering a doctor to the house with Meda-Ly gives you peace of mind. This service is available 24/7 all year round. At Meda-Ly we take care of your health by a team of professional and fast-acting doctors. The company’s call center employs professional operators who are able to give a quick and professional response in each case. Ordering a doctor to the house gives you the opportunity to save valuable time waiting in the emergency room or the therapist in the health maintenance clinic.

Meda-Lee provides private ambulance services as a transportation solution for transporting the disabled, the elderly, and people with reduced mobility from place to place.

This type of ambulance is defined as a safe transport for medical emergencies, equipped according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health and providing maximum comfort for the person transported in it.

  • Transportation of disabled people with reduced mobility in a wheelchair
  • Transportation of patients throughout the country to nursing homes and medical institutions such as clinics, hospitals, and testing centers
  • Transportation of the elderly and infirm to the airport and their escort until boarding the plane
  • Transportation of sick, elderly and disabled people who need medical supervision, and their protection on excursions and events
  • Transportation of patients with oxygen
  • Transportation to intensive care units
  • Transportation related to the care of the deceased, such as: transportation of the deceased, tombstones, funeral arrangements, etc.

Meda-Lee adheres to four key parameters when providing private ambulance services:

  • Availability – first and foremost, the private ambulance is available for the fastest and most efficient transportation of patients to the destination.
  • Service – our commitment is to provide personal and quality service, attentive attitude to the customer’s needs, and appropriate response accordingly.
  • Equipment – auxiliary equipment, beds, and wheelchairs that are permanently in private ambulances have the highest quality standards in the field of medical equipment.
  • Speed – we save your life and try to get to you as fast as possible.
אמבולנס פרטי

We provide an ambulance service for events security as a private medical solution for treating people in a medical emergency during a multi-participant event. The importance of a private ambulance for event security is critical in any event that involves a large number of people. During the events, it ensures the safety of the people and provides immediate treatment on the spot as well as quick and efficient evacuation to the nearest hospital. The private ambulance provides a solution for cases that unexpectedly may happen during the event, so it is very important to know that the professional staff at the place know how to deal with the required treatment in a thoughtful and reasonable way. This is a significant emergency decision that can certainly prevent a disaster.

We provide our clients with intensive care transport, which functions as vehicles for emergencies, and it’s purposed to transport patients from place to place while providing urgent medical care. These are private ambulances operated by a larger team than a regular ambulance, each ambulance has a doctor, paramedic, emergency nurse, and the ambulance driver (the last two are sometimes the same figure).

The purpose of intensive care transport is to provide medical care to save the lives of patients during the transportation, those whose medical condition requires modern medical equipment and a careful, professional, and responsible medical staff.

Sometimes treatment done on the spot saves lives and its contribution to human health can be greater than hospital treatment.

Meda-Ly provides a distress button service that includes both a technical system for fast communication and fast operator response.

The distress button itself is a system that is able to send a fast read signal in case of distress, without having to lose valuable time for a telephone call (which is not always possible, for example during a serious heart attack).

A distress button service system basically includes a dedicated device, which connects to the home phone line and operates similarly to an intercom

This system makes it possible to transmit a distress call to the emergency center. Pressing a distress button is a world in its entirety.

A customer who is in distress receives a quick response from us and professional and dedicated care.

In order to provide you with the service as quickly as possible, it is recommended that you subscribe to the distress button. It is a service that allows you to reach our emergency center at the touch of a distress button within a few seconds and not wait for a response by phone call.

תיירות מרפא

In which areas of the country does Meda-Ly provide private medical services?

Meda-Ly provides a wide-ranging medical solution, using the ability to refer the patient to any hospital in the country according to the customer’s wish and location in real time.

The center we operate navigates every call to the geographically appropriate team, all in order to provide excellent and fast service, especially since it’s connected with critical moments of human health.

תיירות מרפא

Work with all health maintenance centers

Customers recommend

Excellent and unique service! Even during the call, the response was polite, prompt, and respectful. Thanks to Meda-Ly we went through the experience of getting to the hospital in a quiet and pleasant way. Highly recommend it. Yana Siderkova

Yana Siderkova

We received personal, professional, and thoughtful treatment throughout the way. Meda-Ly helped us to transport a sick to the event and thanks to them we all enjoyed a lovely evening!

Jonathan Blanshtein
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Professionals at the highest level available! One of our family members wasn’t feeling well and thanks to Meda-Ly we quickly and safely arrived at the hospital.

Omer Perets
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They are fast, high qualitative, and work quietly and pleasantly. In short – everything you need from a private ambulance company. If we need to, we will order them again in the future. There is no one like them anywhere.

Yaran Ovadiya
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