We all certainly know when an ambulance is needed, but when exactly is an emergency evacuation is required, for example, if there is an accident or unexpected severe case? Common to all of the above is the emergency evacuation ambulance, which can quickly evacuate victims from home or the scene of an accident or crime to save their lives.

So, how to order an ambulance for emergency evacuation, when should it be ordered and how much should it cost? We will be happy to answer these and other questions in this article.

What private ambulance is used for and how it can save lives?

Ambulance for emergency evacuation is responsible for the evacuation of patients injured in an accident, fall, terrorist attack, drowning, and any emergency of one kind or another that no one expected. Moreover, the ambulance for emergency evacuation is also used for chronic patients who have a medical problem that requires urgent evacuation to the hospital, and it’s in such cases that the “hospital on wheels” or the ambulance for emergency evacuation comes into play.

Thus, while emergency medical assistance is based on regular ambulances and intensive care cars from Magen David Adom, then the ambulance for emergency evacuation gets in, and it provides a full-value solution in disaster and crisis situations. 

How important are arrival times and what is the difference between a Magen David Adom ambulance and a private ambulance for emergency evacuation?

As in the past, there is no procedure determining the time of the ambulance for emergency evacuation arrival today, although the time for a private ambulance to arrive at the place of an accident is eight to ten minutes and in suburban areas, it’s up to twenty minutes. Although the ambulance should leave the point of assistance within a few minutes, this doesn’t always happen that way either. But if you choose private emergency ambulance services, then things are different and your choice of services is based on a very precise and pre-set schedule at your convenience.

How much will private ambulance services related to emergency medicine cost you?

The price range for private ambulances varies depending on several parameters, primarily related to the traveled distance. Meanwhile, it’s important to note that traveling within a city will be different from traveling outside one city and arriving in the city where the hospital is located.

As was already mentioned, the price here will be determined by the mileage that the private ambulance you ordered will eventually drive.

Another parameter that will affect the cost will be related to the floor on which the evacuation should take place and whether there is an elevator to it or not, as well as what ways you can get to it. Of course, the higher the floor and the more logistics calculations required from the drivers, the more the price will be changed and adjusted, so it’s important to be prepared for this in advance.

With or without equipment? This is also a question that will affect the cost. In case it’s just an evacuation, this is one thing, on the other hand, when the question is about urgent and vital evacuation, the equipment requested, including a respirator, can increase the final amount you will need to pay for the ambulance services.

Both the number of people involved in the evacuation and the time of the evacuation will all surely affect the final cost you will need to pay for a private ambulance providing emergency medical care.

How to choose a private ambulance company to save lives in real time?

After we have mentioned the prices, the prices by options, and all the small details, it can certainly be told about the attitude and service, particularly when the question is about life and death cases.   

In the situation described above, urgent evacuation needs to order only people who love other people, and here it’s about people who are pleasant to communicate with, who have a focus on quality service, and those who can be ordered and give their professional opinion that will satisfy all the requirements – an opinion that allows making sure that you are facing people for whom the client’s needs are above all.

Is it possible to get a refund when ordering a private ambulance in emergencies?

If a person brought to the hospital is hospitalized, then he will be able to receive a full refund without any problems, and regardless of whether he chooses a private ambulance or a Magen David Adom ambulance, he will receive everything he deserves by law.

Are you interested in private ambulance services related to emergency medicine? Here's what you need to know

When the question is about life and death, particularly when you need ambulance services as quickly as possible, there are a few things that you need to learn like “homework” in advance. So, what are these things? Firstly, it’s important to make sure that the private company you are interested in works with professional employees, including the driver, who not only has knowledge but also knows all the medical information about the patient – this is important because only then it will be possible to provide a solution for saving the life.

Moreover, during the primary contact by phone with an ambulance service, you can certainly save a life if you provide all the information about the patient and his condition, including allergies to certain triggers – this is not to make the situation worse and help them save a life.

Does your loved one need emergency medical care? It’s recommended to accompany him to the ambulance so that you can keep him calm and at the same time direct the ambulance staff and answer any questions and provide any information that can definitely help save a life.

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