What are the mobile intensive care units?

Mobile intensive care units are ambulances and their role is to transport patients from place to place while providing urgent medical care.

These are private ambulances operated by a larger team than a regular ambulance, each ambulance has a doctor, paramedic, emergency nurse, and ambulance driver (the last two are sometimes the same figure).

The purpose of intensive care transport is to provide medical care during the transportation and to save the lives of patients whose medical condition requires modern medical equipment and a careful, professional, and responsible medical staff.

Sometimes treatment done on the spot saves lives and its contribution to human health can be greater than hospital treatment.

Who is mobile intensive care units for?

Mobile intensive care units are designed to provide immediate care to sick or injured patients in a variety of possible cases and medical scenarios.

Medical care is provided in an orderly and clear manner, all this for giving the patient the feeling that he is in safe hands and has chosen the right people for care.

It’s important to note that there are cases when the victim has difficulty lying down or is simply not interested in it. In this case, the medical staff can respectfully respond and help resolve the delicate situation together with the victim himself.

Generally, a private ambulance is a convenient and safe solution for transporting patients in need of special medically supervised transportation.

Nowadays, medical solutions for the transportation of adults or people with any medical limitations are very useful.

What is the importance of the mobile intensive care units?

The importance of private ambulance is critical in life-threatening cases.

A private ambulance provides treatment in many cases where there is any danger to human health, and therefore professional ambulance workers must know how to handle thoughtful and sensible care needed by the person ordering the service.

It’s important to make sure that the private ambulance company has the necessary insurance, including professional liability insurance and permission to operate ambulances under the regulations of the Ministry of Health. In addition, the private ambulance company is required to provide an ambulance team, which must include a paramedic driver and a first aid provider and both of them must have valid qualification certificates. These are the criteria required for providing emergency medical care by ambulance.

In recent years, there has been a wave of demand for the use of ambulance telephone services. Most of the population ordering this service explained that their user experience was great and that calling the emergency medical service is much easier and more convenient than it was in the past.

In which areas in the country can mobile intensive care units’ services be ordered?

There are many regions in Israel where mobile intensive care units operate. 

There are currently several organizations and private ambulance companies operating in Israel with the approval of the Ministry of Health, which have different types of rescue vehicles, depending on the issued permit.

In Israel, there are large companies that operate multiple ambulances over a large area, while others have one ambulance that provides local services. Among the companies working in this area and providing mobile intensive care units are such as Ezer Metzion, Shachal, Natali, Monitor, Poriya Hospital Private Ambulance in the north of the country, Rafael, Achva, and many others. Responding to the sick, injured, and elderly in this sense is complex.

What services can be found in mobile intensive care units?

Mobile intensive care units provide the following services:

  • Transportation of disabled people with reduced mobility in a wheelchair.
  • Transportation of patients throughout the country to nursing homes and medical institutions such as clinics, hospitals, and examination centers.
  • Transportation of the elderly and infirm people to the airport and their escort until boarding the plane.
  • Transportation of sick, elderly, and disabled people who are in need of medical supervision, and their protection on excursions and events.
  • Transportation of patients with oxygen.
  • Transportation to intensive care units.
  • Transportations related to the care of the deceased, such as transportation of the deceased, tombstones, funeral arrangements, etc.

The ambulance service costs may vary dynamically. They can range from 300 shekels and reach 2000 shekels. The final cost of the service depends on the distance traveled, the duration of the trip, in what time of the day the trip takes place (the morning or the evening), for which some companies can charge an extra cost, the type of the transportation, and the equipment that is used during the trip.

In general, it’s highly recommended to compare different price quotes to understand which is the most affordable option.

Some private ambulance companies offer discounted prices or subscriptions in cases where there is a need for permanent and long-term services, including transportation for frequent visits to clinics and institutions. It’s recommended to check with the health maintenance clinic in which cases the client is entitled to compensation or refund, and if the client has private insurance, he should check whether the policy includes participation in the private ambulance’s costs. Clients hospitalized due to such trips will be reimbursed at their health maintenance clinic, even if they were transported to the hospital by a private ambulance.

Why to choose the mobile intensive care units’ services?

Mobile intensive care units should be chosen when there is a serious danger to human life at a given point in time.

The decision to choose a company that provides mobile units’ services needs to be considered with a focus on several points.

First, availability – above all, an ambulance service by phone is available for the fastest and most efficient transportation of patients to the destination.

Let’s not forget about the service motive – private ambulance companies provide a personal and quality service that is not always available in other similar services.

The infrastructure through which treatment is delivered is auxiliary equipment – beds, and wheelchairs that are permanently in private ambulances have the highest quality standards in the field of medical equipment.

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