Guide to private medicine during pregnancy

רפואה פרטית

Pregnancy is an exciting time for any mother and father but it can be stressful as the first pregnancy. With the correct preparation, it will be possible to easily live through the pregnancy period.

Pregnancy is accompanied by a large number of tests and financial expenses. It’s important to be aware of these procedures in advance.

The health maintenance centers offer a range of services to pregnant women, but due to financial restrictions, it’s limited.

Who should purchase private health insurance during pregnancy?

Every woman at the beginning of her pregnancy makes appointments for a series of tests and procedures she needs to undergo at the beginning and throughout the pregnancy.

Private health insurance will take care of you and your fetus during and after the pregnancy. Moreover, this insurance guarantees financial coverage for tests and procedures.

Even large families benefit from purchasing private health insurance. This is because usually after the completion of the second pregnancy, the entire insurance budget will be assigned for the next pregnancy.

Private health insurance has great importance for a pregnant woman and can help in various areas such as financing the procedures and tests that aren’t included in the state health basket.

What does the basket of services for private health insurance during pregnancy include?

In private health insurance, you will find a wide range of services available to every mother during the pregnancy. Because, as we know, during pregnancy there are several tests that the mother must do throughout the pregnancy. A quality basket for pregnant will provide you with a variety of procedures and tests and will take the best care of you during the pregnancy.

We will briefly describe the various procedures and tests that can be found under private health insurance.

  • Testing amniotic fluid (amniocentesis) is an important test to detect Down’s syndrome and excess or deficiency of chromosomes in the fetus.
  • Compensation for 3 specialists’ consultations on all pregnancy and childbirth matters.
  • First and second survey test of body systems – there begin to be detected developmental defects and problems in the fetus since the 4th month of the pregnancy. This test is recommended for future mothers, especially if pregnancy is at risk of various physiological defects. In such a case, the decision to terminate the pregnancy completely depends on you without any doubt!

In preparation for the future pregnancy you’re planning, it’s important to focus on private health insurance during the pregnancy, but it’s good to use an ovulation calculator if you don’t know when to have sexual intercourse.

Are you planning a pregnancy? Here’s a good reason to use an ovulation calculator

On the days of ovulation, there is a chance of getting pregnant. A large number of people are looking for an ovulation calculator to determine the future dates of ovulation days. However, it has to be accepted that it’s not always accurate.

Apart from the ovulation calculator, there are other ways to calculate your ovulation period to increase your chances of getting pregnant. For example, you can use the “dawn temperature” test which is hormonal.

It’s recommended to read on to understand how to calculate ovulation days, what to do if the ovulation days fall in parallel with the menstrual days, and more.

A bit about ovulation

Ovulation is the stage of the menstrual cycle when the female body is ready to conceive. Ovulation occurs two weeks before your periods, so this is the best time to get pregnant.

One common way to check ovulation days is by an ovulation calculator. If you wish to become pregnant, you should have sexual intercourse shortly before your ovulation date, which you obtained by the ovulation calculator.

How to make an ovulation calculator?

The calculation for a woman with a regular cycle:

Calculate the average length of the menstrual cycle for the last three months and subtract 14 from the result you got. Regularly menstruation occurs every 28 days. And the ovulation begins on the 14th day.

The calculation for a woman with an irregular cycle:

  1. Check the duration of your menstrual cycle for 6 months.
  2. Subtract 14 days from the end dates you’ve got.
  3. Add to the result two days before and after to get a wide and sufficient average result.


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