What is a ‘distress button’ subscription?

A ‘distress button’ subscription – is a subscription to a device that comes in different sizes and types and its job is to connect the user to a person/organization/center that will receive his distress message and help him in the most efficient and fast way.

When receiving the distress call as a result of using the distress button, the operational center initiates contact with the subscriber to clarify the state of emergency and sends a patrol car to him at the same time.

The ‘distress button’ subscription service includes a system that can send an immediate fast read signal in case of distress, without having to lose critical time for a telephone call.

The ‘distress button’ subscription includes a dedicated device, which connects to the home phone line, a mobile device that can be taken out as soon as you leave the house, and some devices contain a GPS device that can determine the person’s location in real time.

The ‘distress button’ system allows you to transmit a distress call to the emergency center as efficiently and as quickly as possible to provide a quick response to the patient.

From the moment a ‘distress button’ is pressed, a call is sent to an emergency center which operates 24 hours a day. Operators of the center work quickly and know how to provide the most professional assistance in the shortest time.

The center contacts the call sender to investigate the case and find out more details in real time to know how to act.

Regardless of the customer’s response, the help is quickly sent to him 24 hours a day as part of the ‘distress button’ subscription service.

The ‘distress button’ subscription allows you to include a variety of medical services:

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Who is the ‘distress button’ subscription for?

The ‘distress button’ subscription is intended for all ages, anywhere in the country.

The age is not a parameter for the ‘distress button’ subscription, but the existing risk indicator to a person’s well-being.

The ‘distress button’ subscription is designed for a large population. Although the buttons are smart and advanced, they are easy to operate for all ages, even for children.

The ‘distress button’ is suitable for use in a variety of situations by any person or family who wants to live in security and peace of mind

  • in emergencies like fire or burglary even children who are alone at home can press the button and call for a help
  • for elderly people who are alone at home most of the day and need help as a ‘distress button’ for the elderly, or even just need someone to ask how they are feeling every day. The ‘distress button’ for the elderly is especially effective in cases where the subscriber has fallen and is unable to get up and even speak
  • for young people after medical procedures or in a medical condition requiring follow-up and treatment with the possibility of ordering a doctor to the house.

What are the advantages of the ‘distress button’ subscription?

Thanks to global progress, the advantage of the ‘distress button’ subscription is given to modern buttons, with advanced technologies that enable the transfer of a lot of data about the user. The devices enable many and varied distress services and the populations that use ‘distress buttons’ become younger.

The advantages of a ‘distress button’ subscription include versatility for family members, which can define areas where the patient can walk around and receive an alert as soon as he gets out of it, thus avoiding situations of losing him.

The advantages of a ‘distress button’ subscription also save the lives of tens of thousands of people in daily life. This subscribing is a solution to a more peaceful and quiet life.

The advantage of a ‘distress button’ subscription, in general, is to provide a complete medical service package for the patient or elderly person. At the same time, priority is given to professional opportunities at the highest level, all for preserving human health and understanding how to treat him to meet his needs at one time or another.

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The countrywide subscription to the ‘distress button’

Meda-Ly provides its customers with the ‘distress button’ subscription countrywide, which includes a wide range of ‘distress buttons’ with advanced technologies adapted to the needs of every customer. The process of connecting to the service is simple, convenient, and fast, and the cost of the ‘distress button’ fully justifies itself. The result of its use provides the peace of mind and security that is important to our customers and their families.

As part of the countrywide ‘distress button’ service, processes such as ordering a doctor, ambulance, intensive care unit, and emergency services can be launched at any time and anywhere, depending on the location in the country and at any time of the day.

Meda-Ly takes out the subscription for the ‘distress button’ countrywide, even in areas where there is no regular activity for people with disabilities and in regions with limited accessibility.

Human health is a top value for us, so we will reach any point in the country at any given time, in order to give the most effective ‘distress button’ subscription service countrywide to our customers.

The ‘distress button’ is an integral part of our modern life.

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