What is ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ service?

A ‘doctor to the house’ is a very efficient and fast service. If in the past it was customary to visit a doctor with a pre-arranged appointment, today you determine when and how to order your doctor.

From today, you no longer need to go to the doctor, he is the one who will come to you and all through the ‘doctor to the house’ service. ‘Ordering a doctor to the house’ is the simplest and safest way from any aspect you choose to look at it.

Need to make the ordering of the doctor to the house? We will tell you about a doctor’s visit to the house and how it can also help you dispose of the tedious queues, waiting, and of course, the danger and exposure to diseases.

רופא עד הבית

Most medical services in Israel are provided free of charge, as a result there is significant pressure on health maintenance centers’ clinics. Patients are asked to make appointments during hours that are usually inconvenient, especially in urgent cases, or they are forced to come to the health maintenance centers and try to be pushed between the queues.

This issue is a nuisance for thousands of Israelis daily, since most of the time visiting the doctor is uncomfortable and unpleasant because the person seeking treatment is usually sick and physically weak.

The ‘doctor to the house’ service is a solution designed to treat and maintain the health of patients who are at home in real time.

A doctor arrives within a few hours from the initial order through the company’s call center, since in most companies that provide such a service, the service is provided around the clock and without limiting the number of doctor visits in a given year.

The ‘doctor to the house’ service includes the following operations performed by a qualified doctor:

  • Comprehensive conversation with the patient to obtain information about medical history and a given health condition.
  • Providing an initial diagnosis to the patient.
  • Immediate treatment of acute symptoms and pain balance.
  • Treatment of wounds – including changing bandages and removing stitches.
  • Providing primary medication according to diagnosis and need.
  • Issuing an official prescription for the purchase of the medicines.
  • Providing a professional referral for further medical treatment.
  • Organized and legal referral to the emergency room as needed.
  • Transfer of a medical consultation summary document to the patient at the end of the treatment.
  • Determining a follow-up treatment plan.


The ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ service is required when the patient is a person that suffers from several chronic diseases or a significant exacerbation of an existing disease, feels unwell, and is unable to leave the house and physically reach his doctor.

The opportunity to change the order of things and bring the doctor to the client’s house is possible for chronic patients in general and seriously ill patients, in particular.

Who is ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ service for?

The ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ service is intended for a wide range of the population:

  • Chronic patients required for daily follow-up.
  • Home confined patients with limited mobility.
  • Patients with a weak and physically unstable state of health.
  • Patients suffering from multiple serious illnesses and different symptoms at the same time.
  • People who have been injured on the spot and are physically unable to get to a medical institution.

In some cases, a visit to the emergency room may worsen the medical condition of the above patients.

It is highly recommended to use the ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ service in situations of medical acute conditions such as pain, acute dehydration, catheter/probe problems, severe and persistent obstipation, trending insomnia, sudden confusion, or other abnormal symptoms.

The ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ service is relevant for all ages without any gender distinction.

A young man who has his back caught and cannot move from the couch will need the ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ service. This young man’s right is the same as that of an elderly man who is unable to move to a clinic or hospital and the like on his own.

The doctor’s visit by the ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ service helps you get the best treatment around the clock without leaving your home.

The ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ service is intended for the whole family, and gives the fastest and most effective solution to any medical problem within it.

The doctor who comes to you is equipped with all the equipment required to provide you with first aid, and if necessary to give an injection and of course to refer you for further treatment. Our doctor will be able to give you a prescription for medication as well as a referral to the emergency room.

The ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ provides a complete response with a variety of treatments or realization of different types of medical needs, and although such a service doesn’t replace ordering an ambulance or referral to the emergency room, it can certainly do everything that is required of it. The ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ is suitable for the whole family.

רופא עד הבית

What are the advantages of the ‘ordering a doctor to the house’?

The ‘doctor to the house’ gives you countless advantages but the most amazing advantage is that you will receive medical service without any need to leave the house, wait in the queue and of course, you will not have to be among a large number of other sick patients.

Also, as part of his practice, the doctor will be able to perform the required tests according to the medical history as well as carefully consider the problem you are describing.

At the same time, the doctor will perform all the necessary tests to give you first aid and prompt treatment.

At the end of the visit, the doctor will give his diagnosis and, in some cases, will recommend taking a particular drug that will suit and eliminate the problem.

When you choose the doctor to the house service on any other solution it becomes simpler than you think. One call and the doctor comes to you and sometimes he can even provide you with the advice online without requiring you to leave the house – a shorter and better response than ever.

Also, in choosing this service you get a quick medical checkup, and higher availability than when you are waiting in the clinic, you don’t have to leave the house and you get rid of the less pleasant meetings with other sick patients.

The response and medical service that customers receive through the health maintenance centers, and standard medical services are often insufficient and even disappointing, both in terms of quality and availability.

As a result of heavy burdens in public medical institutions, we are often faced with a situation of forced waiting which is inconsistent with today’s reality especially if a person gets ill with a dangerous disease.

On the other hand, in the service of ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ you can get a quick response if you feel bad or suffer from pain.

Ordering a doctor to the house’ is done in a short time, there is no need to wait until the opening of the health maintenance centers, there is an opportunity to avoid the situation where you are required to run to the emergency room of the hospital (which costs you waiting time, money and especially the risk of contracting various diseases).

In many life cases, time is worth money. In the case of health, time is worth far more than any other resource in life.

In addition, the cost of the ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ is known in advance and saves the hassle of checking costs, since there are no additional questions or knowledge gaps, and all that is left is to call the professional center or press the ‘distress button’, thus speeding up the ‘ordering a doctor’ service.

Ordering the doctor to the house countrywide 24/7

Ordering a doctor to the house countrywide’ is a service that is available 24/7 and is provided by a professional emergency center. Choosing doctors who come to your house countrywide definitely can provide you with the desired peace of mind and manage your time properly even when an illness or a morbid scenario arises and you didn’t expect it. Therefore, no matter where you live, you need to get a response and feel much better – all of it will be provided by a team of professional doctors with appropriate training who know and can contact you throughout the country. The ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ allows you to save time waiting in a queue and avoid contact with other sick patients. You can get first aid from a doctor who comes to your home, if necessary, you will receive medicines and prescriptions for further treatment, in addition, our doctor can give you a referral to the hospital emergency room, and our emergency center will help you immediately order the ambulance.

Being the ‘doctor to the house’ service subscriber

A subscription to ‘ordering a doctor to the house’ service – is a service that is suitable for families who prefer to order a doctor to the house, in case one of the family members has a medical incident that needs fast treatment. For example, if a child has a fever that has risen dramatically, or in a case where one of the parents feels unwell, or if you just want to order the doctor to the house for a variety of other reasons.

Even in public medicine, it is possible to use the service of ‘ordering a doctor to the house’, but when there is a private subscription, you will have less hesitation, and order a doctor more quickly.

Moreover, having a subscription can significantly decrease doctor’s ordering expenses and thus reduce the time of making the decision. Those who want to order a doctor to the house, will spend less time considering the cost and more time calling the center and coordinating the visit.

Being a subscriber to the ‘doctor to the house’ or the ‘distress button’ services gives you peace of mind and quick availability of these services. You get peace of mind, safety, and most importantly, you are not dependent on anyone, all thanks to unsurpassed service and doctors whose aim is to get to your desired destination at the time you need and provide you with the needed service every time you contact.

The ‘distress button’ or the ‘doctor to the house’ services subscription is available 24/7 and is provided by a professional emergency center that is always ready to give you the fastest possible response. The emergency center checks with you about the referral nature and knows to give you the necessary response.

The emergency center can send a doctor to your house who arrives anywhere in the country in the fastest time, and can order you an ambulance and all the necessary emergency services.

Being a subscriber to a medical service or ‘distress button’ gives you and your family peace and security regardless of whether the recipient of the service is you or your relative.

All you need is to subscribe and allow yourself to be safe – this time via a doctor who will come to you anywhere and anytime.

The ‘doctor to the house’ service is provided in all health maintenance centers

The ‘doctor to the house’ service is provided in all health maintenance centers and by all insurance companies. Our doctor comes to your house, examines you, and, in conclusion, prescribes your continued treatment. In addition to all these, he leaves you an invoice. You can give the invoice to your health maintenance center or insurance company and receive a refund for the doctor’s visit according to your arrangement with them.

We provide services: ‘Doctor to the house’ in Clalit, ‘Doctor to the house’ in Malram, ‘Doctor to the house’ in Maccabi, ‘Doctor to the house’ in Harel, ‘Doctor to the house’ in Yad LeAkhlama, ‘Doctor to the house’ in Leumit, ‘Doctor to the house’ in Fenix, etc.

You can also get the ‘doctor to the house’ service in Clalit health maintenance center and talk to a qualified representative of our company who can give you medical advice by phone.

Price list for the doctor to the house service

Phone consulting with a doctor

  • A quick and professional online consultation by phone. 24/7 service
  • No need to wait
  • A doctor who can give you a professional answer and a recommendation for further treatment
  • Receiving a referral to the emergency room by necessity

The ‘doctor to the house’ works with all health maintenance centers

  • The ‘doctor to the house’ works countrywide
  • The ‘doctor to the house’ works countrywide
  • We work with all health maintenance centers
  • Providing medications and prescriptions
  • After receiving the treatment, you can contact your health maintenance center for a refund if you are eligible for it

private ordering of the ‘doctor to the house’

  • The ‘doctor to the house’ works countrywide
  • Reliable, fast and professional service
  • The service is intended for tourists, foreign workers, temporary residents, etc.
  • Providing medications and prescriptions
  • Is intended for people who are not members of health maintenance centers

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