What is the purpose of a private ambulance for transporting oncology patients?

A private ambulance for transporting patients to medical oncology procedures is used for patients to transport them from home to a hospital or medical institution to receive radiation or chemotherapy. Private ambulances can help patients to get from home to the hospital for procedures related to bone marrow transplantation. And, of course, to return home after them. The private ambulances can solve any medical problems of oncology patients during their transportation home or to one of the treatment centers.

Although ambulances are designed to provide medical care to people injured because of an accident, they can be used to support oncology patients on the way to the medical institution. In general, private ambulances can help in cases of injury or assault, drowning, falls, traffic accidents, etc., but they can be used in non-emergency situations as well. Thus, they aren’t only for medical conditions associated with suspected fainting, stroke, heart attack, or labor pains.

What is the private ambulance for transporting oncology patients?

Actually, it’s an ambulance classified as a medical emergency car, equipped under the procedures of the Ministry of Health and meeting the standards of the Ministry of Transportation. The ambulance should provide maximum comfort to the oncology patient who is transported in it, and its main purpose is to transport the patient to the appropriate treatment centers under constant medical supervision. Traveling in such an ambulance may be suitable for oncology patients due to the need to be supported by medical staff (for example, paramedics, nurses, and doctors), or due to the need to transport people who don’t move independently and want to sit in a wheelchair or lie down during the trip. In this case, the private ambulance may be able to provide the necessary level of comfort during the trip to a treatment center.

How can a private ambulance help oncology patients?

Generally, it’s possible to contact by phone and order a private ambulance for transporting oncology patients not only to help them get from home to oncology treatment institutes and back. But to help them get to other public and specialized destinations and events as well. Especially if the private ambulance team provides a relatively comfortable trip and constant medical support. Private ambulances can provide primary care and medical security at the place of an event, transportation to the event (and back home), as well as emergency services nearby the event, etc.

Thus, even if there is a crowd at the place of the event, the medical team will be nearby to constantly monitor the event and be on standby to provide immediate assistance, if necessary, as well as to quickly and efficiently evacuate to the most suitable and accessible hospital. If you need not only transportation to a social or business event for an oncology patient, but also the preservation of a safe atmosphere around him with the possibility of assisting him at any time, you can contact and order a private ambulance by phone, and it will be ready to be on duty near the person who needs appropriate services.

Some of the requirements put in a claim to the private ambulance

Not every ambulance can be a private ambulance. Because, after all, the transportation of oncological patients and providing them professional services require both the presence of professional and competent employees in the relevant medical branch and the availability of appropriate medical equipment. The Ministry of Health is responsible for issuing permits for the use of private ambulances and conducts periodic inspections on this issue. All these are done to ensure that both personnel and equipment are suitable for transporting oncology patients and providing them medical supervision. Therefore, each private ambulance company must have both the permission from the Ministry of Health to operate ambulances and various insurances required as part of their work.

To pick up the phone to receive a private ambulance under personal and private supervision

Generally, Magen David Adom ambulances are designed to provide medical care. If someone has a problem, he or she can phone the call center to order an ambulance team for help. However, Magen David Adom’s ambulances will not necessarily arrive by prior arrangement and will not necessarily provide personal supervision at events. Therefore, if there is a need to transport oncology patients from home to various medical institutions or events, it’s possible to contact a private ambulance company by phone and arrange the arrival of an ambulance in advance, and it will provide transportation, support, and medical supervision throughout the trip to the place and even during the visit itself. All these, of course, will be done following the terms of the contract with the private ambulance company.

There are more than 100 private ambulance companies throughout Israel, and they can be contacted by phone to find out if they provide transporting services for oncology patients in any area of ​​the country. Some companies have their fleet of private ambulances, and they provide services at the regional level, and some companies have their fleet, but they provide services throughout the country. Thus, a private ambulance can be used for both emergency medical care and everyday routine. This is when there is a need to provide both transporting services and medical supervising services at the location.

Advantages of using a private ambulance

So, in conclusion, private ambulances can support oncology patients in a variety of ways. Not only can they transport them in a wheelchair from home to their destination and back. But also transport them to oncological treatment institutions or examination institutions. In addition, it’s possible to contact and order a private ambulance to the house by phone, and it will accompany the patient to the airport and keep him under medical supervision until boarding the plane. Private ambulances can transport any patient in need of medical attention and even provide “medical security” at events. And if needed, these ambulances can also provide transport to and from various destinations while providing oxygen care and even the person to the intensive care. You can contact us by phone for more details.

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