Ambulance service – the complete guide to saving life

There are countless ways to get medical care, but when it comes to emergency medical care that saves lives, then there is no choice. In the above situation, every person is obliged to make every effort to help and especially save lives as quickly as possible, and here, right here comes the role of private ambulances that give all known services and help save lives at any given moment.

It’s hard to say this, but many people of different social statuses and levels have encountered the ambulance service at least once in their lives, so the service is very important. It’s suitable for saving lives instantly and can provide the service regularly if necessary. This service is especially useful when it’s necessary to transport a dialysis patient who finds it difficult to move from place to place. Upon that, such a patient will be able to quickly contact the private ambulance service and get access to all its services.

אמבולנס מדה-לי

What is an ambulance service and how can it help you in an emergency?

When you need to find the right ambulance service, finding their phone number will be your last task. Before you choose, you will start doing market research and you will need to understand what kind of service a particular service provides and how it can help you on a regular or even one-time basis.

Since there are countless ambulance services, the question arises, what to choose, private or public ambulance. Generally, in some or other way the function of an ambulance is to help you or your loved ones get transported to a hospital or place where you or they will receive life-saving medical care without additional delays.

In fact, from the moment the patient is taken and placed in the ambulance, he is already receiving primary care. All this is done to relieve injury or damage and maintain proper performance from the moment you leave the house until you arrive at the hospital and receive the necessary treatment.

Unlike public services, when talking about a private ambulance, it’s about an extremely high level of service, including unbeatable prices. After all, what could be more important than saving human lives and the satisfaction that it can give to those who are engaged in such work?

Along with countless demands and choices, the role of a private ambulance is to deliver the most urgent medical care without any delay, which can put human life at risk.

The ambulance service allows you to transport sick people or people with limited mobility anywhere in the country directly from home, nursing home, airport, or any other place.

What is the difference between a private ambulance and Magen David Adom (MDA)?

There are quite a few reasons why it’s better to book a private ambulance than the Magen David Adom (MDA) ambulance. Generally, when you choose a private ambulance, you get emergency care, including mobile intensive care assistance and transportation of a patient with breathing problems.

It is also important to note that using a private ambulance will allow you to transport patients not only from home, but also from the hospital to home, from the hospital to the nursing home, transport the patient to Ben Gurion Airport, and all this at a predetermined time.

At the same time, the private ambulance transports the deceased to the burial location, and even so, a private ambulance can transport passengers to the airport as well as provide all the burial services including civil funerals.

Unlike a private ambulance, an MDA ambulance has to reach its destination within ten minutes in urban and twenty minutes in rural areas. Despite the measurement of time quality, the exact procedure corresponding to the required time has not yet been published.

The MDA ambulance will include the transporting of a patient with one staff member who is undergoing training, as well as an ambulance driver and a paramedic next to him.

Also, unlike a private ambulance, an MDA ambulance will charge an additional fee for more than one injured and the same applies to two or three passengers.

אמבולנס מדה-לי

The services you can get from a private ambulance

The services you can get from a private ambulance include all emergency medical services from treatment in the intensive care unit to the transporting of patients with all types of disabilities from one point to another. Whether you are at the airport, in a nursing home, or a private home, choosing a private ambulance will allow you to receive all the most urgent medical services, including transportation to the intensive care unit.

As part of receiving private ambulance services, services such as transporting heavily breathing patients, transporting the deceased for burial, all supporting services for burial, including civil funerals, and sometimes support from the staff, and in general, regular transporting for countless types of therapies, such as those intended for oncology, dialysis, and other patients.

In general, there are countless reasons why most people prefer a private ambulance to other ambulance services because it’s not always profitable or possible to order an ambulance from MDA. Also, when you choose a private ambulance, you generally get all the services and save time, and sometimes avoid risk to the life of a person who needs immediate help.

In addition, some services cannot be performed using regular transport, and for this, there is a private ambulance that allows you to transport the patient according to his state of health, come to him in the shortest possible time and, in the end, provide him a full basket of services. And all this will be provided by a polite and caring service that understands the situation and strives to save people’s lives and return them to those who need them.

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