What is a private ambulance for transporting dialysis patients?

When talking about patients on dialysis, the question is about a fairly large number of people who suffer from kidney failure, and are waiting for transplantation; and before the transplantation and finding a suitable donor they must undergo dialysis procedures. Sometimes the transplantation can happen quickly, but in most cases, it can take too long and even many years.

Under the terms offered to dialysis patients, they are also allowed ambulance for transporting dialysis patients cost reimbursement. As already mentioned, the question is about transportation by private ambulance directly from home to the treatment center and back.

Today, the best solution is to use the services of private ambulances, especially when the question is about chronic patients who need maximum comfort and deserve to be reimbursed for it!

Looking for a telephone ambulance service to find out what you are entitled to when calling an ambulance for transportation? And what is the amount of reimbursement for such a trip? Perhaps you should read the following article.

How is transporting to dialysis treatments funded?

Among the countless costs and reimbursements, travel expenses for receiving dialysis treatments can certainly be legally reimbursed by the health maintenance center.

Moreover, a patient arriving at the hospital in a private ambulance to receive dialysis treatments will be entitled to reimbursement of up to 50% of their costs, provided that the health maintenance center has an agreement with the company providing such a service.

In addition to this, a patient brought to the hospital by ambulance in an emergency will be entitled to full reimbursement from the health maintenance center.

What includes the private ambulance for transporting dialysis patients?

People suffering from kidney failure will need to undergo dialysis treatments at least two to three times a week, and therefore their travel expenses can rise sharply. Therefore, in cases of transporting such patients to the hospital, they receive a discount of up to 50%.

According to the Ministry of Health guidelines from 2007, patients who are bedridden or need to be transported in a lying position will now also be able to benefit from a 50% refundable private ambulance transportation as described above.

Therefore, and according to this, a private ambulance is certainly a solution for dialysis patients, and it will include everything necessary for transporting a fairly large number of people suffering from various diseases, some of which are chronic.

Regardless of the disease itself, private ambulances today include all the necessary features and equipment that will provide support even in a life-threatening situation.

How much does ordering a private ambulance cost?

The cost of an ambulance trip will be measured by several parameters related to, for example, the distance traveled or whether the trip is interurban or urban. Obviously, the destination can definitely increase the cost of the trip by increasing the distance and the warranty time.

Another parameter that will be added to the list is the time of arrival and booking of the service and at what time of the day the patient is required to be transported – in the morning or the evening. Of course, the cost of transportation in the morning will be cheaper, and in the evening or at night the tariff will be more expensive, as well as the transportation on Friday or Saturday.

The cost of private ambulance services starts from 200 shekels and can certainly reach 2000 shekels. All these depend on the related services and what was mentioned above. It’s also important to note that there are places that will be difficult to get to and it’s likely that a house without an elevator or on a high floor and narrow aisles will significantly affect the total cost of services.

The private ambulance and transporting dialysis patients

The private ambulance has everything you need to take the patient to his/her destination and do everything possible to improve and not worsen his/her condition.

In all cases, be it prenatal pregnancy, oncology diseases, kidney, heart, or other failures, paramedics arriving in private ambulances understand their task in the best possible way and are qualified to do everything necessary to save the patient’s life and, most importantly, take him/her to the hospital most correctly and safely.

Moreover, dialysis patients who are also physically disabled will certainly need to be transported by private ambulance. They will be relieved of the worry by an ambulance that comes several times a week and takes them to hospital for the treatment.

Paramedics and private medical personnel will come, pick up the patient, meet him with full respect and take him exactly where he needs to, and from there they will return him to a private house or any other place of his residence.

Where to find the private ambulance for dialysis patients?

In general, if you or one of your family members needs dialysis treatment, all you need to do is make sure that the private ambulance company actually works with your health maintenance center so that you can also receive the reimbursement you are entitled to under the law. As mentioned earlier, this is usually a 50% share of the health maintenance center.

It’s also very important to find an ambulance company that can guarantee proper treatment and sensitivity, especially when the question is about the dialysis patients who need it the most.

In addition to this, you need to find an ambulance company with qualified personnel who can meet all the needs of the patient at every stage, as well as take the sick person or a person close to him so that he can guide those who provide him services and accompany the process in the best possible way.

Do you know dialysis patients who need regular transporting by ambulance? If you have such a person, it’s highly recommended not to compromise, especially when the question is about transporting dialysis patients from point A to point B.

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