What is an ambulance service for events security?

An ambulance service for events security is a private medical solution for providing emergency care to people during an event with a large number of participants.

This type of ambulance, which is classified as a private ambulance, is defined as a safety car for providing emergency medical care, equipped under the procedures of the Ministry of Health, and providing maximum comfort for the sick/injured.

A private ambulance service for events security gives event organizers peace of mind knowing attendees are safe and feeling well. The ambulance is equipped with a team of professional paramedics qualified to provide professional medical care if there is no doctor nearby in the region, and the participants of the event need to receive medical attention before the doctor’s arrival.

In which cases the ambulance service for events security is needed?

The ambulance service for events security should be located on the territory of various types of events.

The organization of large events should include the high availability of private ambulances.

When organizing a large event, be it a wedding or a bar mitzvah, it’s important for the organizers that the participants feel comfortable until the end of the event. Although it’s enough to have a first aid kit to provide initial assistance. However, when it comes to events with a large number of participants, then calling an ambulance to the events is considered a vital service that will give peace of mind to both the organizers and those present.

Private ambulances are used at events to provide services such as:

  • Transferring of sick and injured people to hospitals
  • Initial treatment of sick or injured people in the event area
  • Medical security in the event area
  • Transportation of patients or the disabled to the event
  • Emergency services around the event

For any event organizer, evacuation and rescue arrangements should be a top priority to be ready for immediate action.

At events with more than 50-100 participants, it’s advisable to consult with specialists and coordinate the presence of a private ambulance around the event.

What is the importance of an ambulance for events security?

The importance of the private ambulance for events security is critical at any event, which involves a large crowd of people because its primary goals are to ensure the safety of people and provide immediate treatment on the spot, and evacuate them fast and efficiently to the nearest hospital. A private ambulance provides a solution for cases that may occur during the event, including unexpected ones, so it’s very important to know that the professional staff at the place knows to provide balanced and reasonable treatment. This is a significant decision in emergency cases and can certainly prevent a disaster.

It’s important to make sure that the private ambulance company has the necessary insurance, including professional liability insurance and permission to operate ambulances under the regulations of the Ministry of Health. In addition, the private ambulance company is required to provide an ambulance team, which must include a paramedic driver and a first aid provider and both of them must have valid qualification certificates. These are the criteria required for providing emergency medical care by ambulance for events security.

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for the use of private ambulances for event security. Security is required not only at mass events but also at small ones where everyone strives for an easygoing holiday. It’s also necessary not only to protect the participants of the event from external hostile elements but also from each other in case someone drank too much alcohol or in other exceptional situations.

In which areas in the country can private ambulance services be ordered?

Private ambulance companies operate on a large scale in Israel. There are about 100 companies throughout Israel providing services with private ambulances. There are large companies that operate multiple ambulances over a large area, while others have one ambulance that provides local services. Among the companies working in this area are such as Ezer Metzion, Shachal, Natali, Monitor, Poriya Hospital Private Ambulance in the north of the country, Rafael, Achva, and many others.

What is the target audience for the private ambulance?

The target audience for the use of a private ambulance is the entire population.

When it comes to an elderly person who often needs an ambulance by phone, and when the ambulance must arrive very quickly, it’s not always advisable to rely on the Magen David Adom state ambulance service.

The ideal solution for the elderly or those with reduced mobility in such situations would be to use a private ambulance service.

Ambulance by phone can provide them with the most convenient ambulance services for them – both for everyday and routine matters and in cases of emergency medical care.

What services do private ambulances offer?

Private ambulances provide many services, and the main ones are as follows:

  • Transportation of disabled people in a wheelchair.
  • Transportation of patients throughout the country to nursing homes and medical institutions such as clinics, hospitals, and examination centers.
  • Transportation of the elderly to the airport and their escort until boarding the plane.
  • Transportation of sick, elderly, and disabled people who need medical supervision, and their protection on excursions and events.
  • Transportation of patients with oxygen.
  • Transportation to intensive care units.
  • Transportations related to the care of the deceased, such as transportation of the deceased, tombstones, funeral arrangements, etc.

Why to choose private ambulance services?

When choosing the private ambulance services, it’s advisable and desirable to consider four critical points:

  • Availability – first and foremost, an ambulance service by phone is available for the fastest and most efficient transportation of patients to their destination.
  • Service – private ambulance companies provide a personal and quality service that is not always available in other similar services for the elderly.
  • Equipment – auxiliary equipment, beds, and wheelchairs that are permanently in private ambulances have the highest quality standards in the field of medical equipment.


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