What is the home doctor appointment service in Kfar Saba?

Medicine in central Israel is modern, advanced and available beyond official institutions such as hospitals and clinics.

At a time when the corona virus is an integral part of our lives, we need to think one step ahead and take care of our health in every possible arena.

As of 2022, there are diverse solutions that make it easier for the citizens in the Kfar Saba area to receive medical service in different types of cases, when they need it in real time.

רופא עד הבית

The service of ordering a doctor to your home in Kfar Saba is efficient, useful and fast. Unlike in the past, today it is possible to set a date and location for a doctor’s appointment, no matter at what point in Haifa it happens.

Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to physically go to the doctor, you can receive him at home and enjoy a professional and fast medical service.

Most of the medical services in Israel are provided free of charge, as a result of this – there are often significant pressures on the clinics of the health funds, including the Kfar Saba area. Patients are asked to make appointments at hours that are usually inconvenient, when their problem is immediate or alternatively they are forced to go to the health fund and try to squeeze in between appointments.

This subject is a tirade of thousands of Israelis on a daily basis, since most visits to the doctor are not comfortable and pleasant since the person seeking treatment is often sick and physically weak. The service of ordering a pediatrician to the house in Kfar Saba is a solution designed to treat and maintain the health of patients who are at home in real time in this district of Israel. Upon making the initial call through the company’s hotline, the doctor arrives within a few hours at the home in Kfar Saba, and it is important to note that the service is provided 24 hours a day and without limiting the number of visits in a given year.

The service includes the following operations performed by a qualified doctor at the customer’s home in Kfar Saba:

  • A comprehensive conversation with the patient in order to obtain information about medical history and a given condition.
  • Providing an initial diagnosis to the patient.
  • Immediate treatment of the acute symptoms and pain balance.
  • Wound care – including changing bandages and removing stitches.
  • Administering primary medications as identified and needed..
  • Issuance of an official prescription for the purchase of medicines.
  • Providing a professional referral for further medical treatment.
  • The referral to the emergency room is arranged and legal as needed and an ambulance service is ordered.
  • Transfer of a medical consultation summary document to the patient at the end of the treatment.
  • Label a treatment plan to continue.

The service of ordering a doctor to the home in Kfar Saba is required when the patient is a person suffering from several chronic diseases or a significant worsening of an existing disease, feels unwell, and is unable to leave the house and physically reach his attending physician.

The possibility of turning the tide and bringing the doctor to the patient’s home in Kfar Saba is real news for chronic patients in general and for complex patients in particular, in the Kfar Saba area.

Who is the home doctor appointment service in Kfar Saba intended for?

The home doctor ordering service in Kfar Saba is intended for a diverse population in the area of this city:

Chronic patients who require regular follow-up.
Housebound patients who are limited in their movement.
Fragile patients whose condition is delicate and dangerous.
Complex patients dealing with a variety of different diseases and symptoms at the same time.
People who are injured in the house/building where they are and cannot physically come to the clinic.

In some cases among the patients mentioned above, a visit to the emergency room may worsen their condition.

When there is an unexpected worsening among these patients such as pain, acute dehydration, catheter/probe type problems, severe and persistent constipation, tendentious insomnia, sudden confusion or other unusual symptoms, it is recommended to use the service of ordering a family doctor to the home. It is important to note that the home doctor appointment service in Kfar Saba does not discriminate by gender or age level.

A young man whose back is seized and cannot move from the couch, can act accordingly and a qualified doctor will come to his home in this complex situation.
The law of a young man is legally that of an old man who is unable to move towards a clinic or hospital and the like.

What are the advantages of the home doctor appointment service in Kfar Saba?

In many cases, the medical response that customers receive through the health insurance funds and the standard medical services is insufficient and even disappointing, both in terms of quality and availability.

Due to heavy burdens on the public medical sources, more than once we are faced with a situation of required waiting which does not meet the standards of reality, all the more so if it is a dangerous patient.

This statement is relevant for all regions of the country, without distinguishing between the periphery and central cities such as Kfar Saba.

With the home doctor ordering service in Kfar Saba, you can get a quick response if you feel bad or suffer from pain.

Ordering a doctor to your home in Kfar Saba is done in a short time, there is no need to wait until the opening of the health insurance funds, you avoid the situation where you have to run to the emergency room in a hospital (which costs you in waiting time, in money and especially in the risk of contracting various diseases).

In many cases in life, time is worth money. In the case of health, time is worth far more than any other resource in life.

Beyond the motif of time and convenience, there is also a professional element, in which the customer can choose the type of doctor he wishes to see, without the need for and dependence on a medical hotline that sometimes confuses him between several doctors due to changes and constraints in local manpower.

Doctor at home with emergency button service

Mada Ly cares about your life and gives you the option to subscribe to the emergency button service. The emergency button service gives you the option of calling a doctor to your home at any moment and for any need.

At the moment of using the emergency button, you will receive an immediate response from the company’s emergency center. The hotline employees are professional in such a way that they will be able to give you an immediate answer and understand your need.

Meda Lee’s emergency call center can send a doctor to your home and, among other things, if necessary, send you an ambulance.

Your life is important to us