What is a private ambulance in Kfar Saba?

A private ambulance in Kfar Saba and the Kiryats is a transportation solution in the city of Kfar Saba for the benefit of transporting disabled, elderly and mobility-impaired people from place to place.

An ambulance of this type is defined as a security vehicle for emergency medicine, equipped according to the procedures of the Ministry of Health and allows maximum comfort for the person traveling in it.

The purpose of ordering a private ambulance in Kfar Saba is to transport patients in the Kfar Saba area and allow them to reach a certain event under ongoing medical supervision. The reason for this can really be the need for the accompaniment of medical personnel, but it can also stem from the need to transport the patient lying down or in a wheelchair – a service that cannot be performed through regular transportation services, by taxi and private vehicles.

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In what cases do you need a private ambulance in Kfar Saba?

Ordering a private ambulance in Kfar Saba is necessary for a variety of small and large events.

When invited to any event, it is important to prepare accordingly and take into account the limitations in terms of arrival and return to the event location.
A private ambulance is also called a telephone ambulance, its services can be ordered in advance according to the desire and convenience of the times.

Private ambulances in Kfar Saba are used to provide services such as:

What is the importance of a private ambulance in Kfar Saba?

The importance of a private ambulance in Kfar Saba is critical in any event regardless of its size, out of a basic concern for the safety of the patient as well as a quick and efficient evacuation to the nearest hospital if necessary. A private ambulance responds to cases that may happen on the way to a given event, including those that are not expected in advance, therefore it is extremely important to know that the professional staff in the ambulance know how to deal in a balanced and intelligent manner with the treatment required for the party that ordered the service.

It is important to make sure that the company that provides a private ambulance ordering service in Kfar Saba has the necessary insurances, including professional liability insurance and permission to operate ambulances according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health. Also, the company’s duty is to provide the ambulance team, which includes a medic driver and a paramedic with valid refresher certificates. These are the criteria required to treat an emergency situation by an ambulance service.

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Who is a private ambulance in Kfar Saba intended for?

Ordering a private ambulance in Kfar Saba is intended for the elderly, the disabled, the chronically ill and the disabled.

A telephone ambulance can provide them with the most convenient ambulance services for them – both for everyday and routine matters as well as for emergencies.

Nowadays, anyone can be helped to reach this or that event through telephone ambulance services, without age or weight restrictions.

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What services do private ambulances offer in Kfar Saba?

Private ambulances in Kfar Saba offer a variety of services and the main ones are as follows:

Ambulance service costs in Kfar Saba vary dynamically, they can range from NIS 300 to about NIS 2,000. The final price depends on the distance of the trip, the duration of the trip, whether it is a morning or evening trip, for which some companies charge an additional rate, the type of transportation, and the use of this or that equipment.

In general, it is highly advisable to compare different price offers in order to understand which is the most affordable option.

In cases where a regular and continuous service is needed, including transportation for frequent visits to clinics and institutes, some private ambulance companies offer discounted prices or a subscription to an emergency button through which an ambulance can be ordered by pressing an exemption. It is recommended to check with the HMO in which situations the customer is entitled to a refund, and if the customer has private insurance, he should check whether the policy includes participation in the costs of a private ambulance. Patients who are admitted to the hospital as a result of the trip, will be reimbursed from the health insurance fund even if it is an evacuation done by a private ambulance.

Why choose private ambulance services in Kfar Saba?

It is recommended and desirable to choose private ambulance services in Kfar Saba considering four critical points:

  • Availability – first and foremost, a private ambulance is available to transport patients in the fastest and most efficient way to the destination.
  • Service – companies that provide private ambulance services, provide personal and quality service, something that is not always achievable with a similar service.
  • Equipment – auxiliary equipment, beds and wheelchairs that are permanently found in private ambulances, have the highest quality standards in the field of medical equipment.

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